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After the end of the registration period (1 month before start of the module) the module will be scheduled with the next date. You will receive information via email for changes of date of the modules, you are already registered for.

Type: T = Economic theory; E = Empirical methods; F = Focus topics; S = Softskill

Online! = this module will be offered online, only.
Online? = if due to corona virus still necessary, this module can be offered online.

Waiting list "ja" means, you will be put on the waiting list and notified via email, when there is a place for you. The waiting list for guests will be cleared 4 weeks before start at latest.
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from until Location Modul bestätigt? Module confirmed? Nr Title Type Instructors Places waiting list
19.07.2021 23.07.2021 Uni Gießen Ja 6700 Economic Modelling with the GAMS software E Aurbacher (online!) 25 Nein
02.08.2021 06.08.2021 Uni Bonn Ja 6500 Advanced Applied Econometrics 2: Limited Dependent Variable (LDV) / Choices models E Heckelei, Hirsch 15 Ja
09.08.2021 13.08.2021 Uni Göttingen Ja 4301 Consumer Behavior and Demand Analysis: Theory and Applications T Xiaohua Yu (online!) 25 Nein
23.08.2021 27.08.2021 Uni Bonn Ja 6800 Machine learning in applied economic analysis E Heckelei, Baylis, Storm 20 Ja
13.09.2021 17.09.2021 IAMO Halle Ja 1100 Household Behaviour: Theory and Applications T Grings, Brosig (off-line) 12 Nein
27.09.2021 01.10.2021 Uni Göttingen Ja 2100 Scientific Writing for Agricultural Economists S von Cramon-Taubadel 40 Ja
27.09.2021 01.10.2021 Uni Kassel, Witzenhausen Ja 4900 Comparative Institutional Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems T Thiel, Schleyer, Ehlers (online!) 15 Nein
04.10.2021 08.10.2021 IAMO Halle Ja 2400 The Political Economy of Agriculture in high-income Countries T Herzfeld 20 Nein
04.10.2021 08.10.2021 Uni Göttingen Ja 5000 Advanced Theories of Consumer Research T Busch, Lemken, Risius, Spiller 18 Nein
11.10.2021 15.10.2021 Uni Gießen Ja 6200 Agrarian Institutions, Contracts and Bargaining Models: Theory and Applications F Nuppenau, Babu 15 Nein
11.10.2021 15.10.2021 HU Berlin Ja 7100 Applied Computable General Equilibrium Modelling E Siddig, Grethe, Luckmann 15 Nein
25.10.2021 29.10.2021 TU München WZW, Freising Nein 7600 Applied Microeconometrics and Impact Analysis E Sauer, Ait-Sidhoum, Zhou 25 Nein
08.11.2021 12.11.2021 TU München WZW, Freising Nein 7400 Technology and Innovation in the Agricultural Sector – Theoretical and Empirical Approaches F Sauer, Benjamin, Vrachioli 15 Nein
17.01.2022 21.01.2022 Uni Göttingen Nein 4700 Mathematical Economics (for Agricultural Economists) T Xiaohua Yu 30 Nein
24.01.2022 28.01.2022 IAMO Halle Ja 2600 High quality research data - Sources, collection and processing F Kuhn, Bobojonov, Glauben 20 Nein
31.01.2022 04.02.2022 Uni BOKU, Wien Nein 6000 Welfare Economic Analysis of Agricultural Policy: Theory and Applications T Salhofer 15 Nein
07.02.2022 11.02.2022 Thünen-Institut Braunschweig Nein 1900 Model-based policy impact assessment of agricultural policy F Banse et al. 20 Nein
21.02.2022 25.02.2022 Uni Göttingen Ja 0500 Empirische Forschungsmethoden im Agribusiness E Spiller, Enneking, Recke 23 Nein
21.02.2022 25.02.2022 Uni Hohenheim Nein 2500 Advanced Applied Econometrics 1: Linear Models and Panel Data E Hess, Hüttel, Wieck 25 Nein
28.02.2022 04.03.2022 Uni Göttingen Nein 0200 Efficiency and Productivity Analysis 2 - Stochastic Approaches E Brümmer 18 Nein
07.03.2022 11.03.2022 IAMO Halle Nein 1701 Agent-based Modelling in Agricultural and Resource Economics T Balmann, Sun, Graubner, Appel 20 Nein
04.04.2022 08.04.2022 Uni BOKU, Wien Nein 3000 Integrated Land Use Modelling E Schmid, Schönhart, Mitter, Kirchner 20 Nein
26.04.2022 29.04.2022 IAMO Halle Nein 0100 Efficiency and Productivity Analysis 1 - Deterministic Approaches E Latacz-Lohmann, Rungsuriyawiboon 20 Nein
30.05.2022 03.06.2022 IAMO Halle Ja 4100 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Data Analysis E Sun et al. 15 Nein
06.06.2022 10.06.2022 TU München WZW, Freising Nein 7500 Applied Choice Analysis E Roosen 16 Nein
13.06.2022 17.06.2022 HU Berlin Nein 1601 Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Agriculture: Theory and Applications 1 T Odening, Mußhoff, Ritter 16 Nein
20.06.2022 24.06.2022 ZALF Müncheberg Nein 0600 Theory and methods for an integrated analysis of ecosystem services governance F K. Müller, Loft et al. 16 Nein
27.06.2022 30.06.2022 Uni Göttingen Nein 1602 Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Agriculture: Theory and Applications 2 T Odening, Mußhoff, Finger 16 Nein
18.07.2022 22.07.2022 TU München WZW, Freising Nein 6100 Qualitative Research and Developing Grounded Theory in Social Sciences E Bitsch 15 Nein
08.08.2022 12.08.2022 Uni Göttingen Nein 4302 Consumer Economics: Theory and Application for Valuing Non-Market Goods T Xiaohua Yu 25 Nein
26.09.2022 30.09.2022 IAMO Halle Nein 2300 Political Economy of Agriculture in Developing and Emerging Economies T Herzfeld 20 Nein
10.10.2022 14.10.2022 Uni Göttingen Nein 2200 Advanced Supply Chain Management F Heise, Schaper, von Hardenberg 20 Nein

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